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Eat like an Egyptian?!

Hi everybody out there in candy land!

For many, this time of year signals the beginning of cold and flu season. This usually means reaching for some foul tasting, chemical concoction to ease the pain of the insufferable sore throat. However, those fortunate enough to have been born in Northern Africa around 3150 BC, would...

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Hi everybody out there in candy land! 'BBBUUUZZZZZZZZZZZ' This is the irritating sound that has you reaching for a rolled-up newspaper or a can of insect repellant, however in days gone by it would be more likely to have you licking your lips and making your tummy rumble! As a kick-off for our new series of Blogs...
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Hi everybody out there in candy land! The kids have just finished off the last of the easter chocolate here at Miss Lolly’s HQ and it got me to thinking about why we have certain sweetie traditions. I started to explore the origins of candy and how different cultures around the world indulge in their favourite...
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