Hi everybody out there in candy land!

The kids have just finished off the last of the easter chocolate here at Miss Lolly’s HQ and it got me to thinking about why we have certain sweetie traditions. I started to explore the origins of candy and how different cultures around the world indulge in their favourite sugary treats, and wanted to share some of my findings with my fellow candy fans.

In the coming weeks I’ll update our blog and pass on some of the weird and wonderful ways we all enjoy our candy. From cavemen foraging through bee hives for the perilous pleasures of sweet honey, to the equally hazardous vending machines at train stations; we all find a way to get our candy kicks.

In the mean time, have a look at our website and if you’re looking for a contemporary but traditional candy buffet we would love to make your occasion special with an original Miss Lolly’s Candy Cart designed to suit the them of your event… I can promise you won’t encounter any stinging insects while you enjoy our glorious nectar :)

We are available on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ballarat and always on the look out for potential Miss Lolly’s franchisees throughout Australia.

Let there be love, laughter and lollies.

Miss Lolly

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