All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! (Charles M. Schultz)

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! (Charles M. Schultz)

Hi everybody out there in candy land!

Pyramids, calendars and ancient civilisations; just some of the things the Mayans are famous for. However (and perhaps most importantly), we have the Mayans to thank for chocolate! Because of it’s aphrodisiac qualities, they served it up as a drink to newly weds & it was considered be the basis fertility and life. I”m not sure about that but life would certainly be duller without it!

Chocolate was first found to have been used in around 600BC and Aztecs even used it as a currency.

Chocolate had a bitter taste until the 1500s when the Spanish took it to Europe and added sugar and other sweet spices. The secret was out by the 1600s when the French monarchy introduced it to Paris where it was widely used as an erotic stimulant! Maybe this is why Paris is known as the city of love?!

Miss Lolly’s offers a wide range of chocolate treats along with other sugary delights, to bring you the ultimate symbol of love at your wedding, engagement or wedding anniversary celebration. Our personalised chocolate bars are always a huge hit with the guests and make the perfect alternative to traditional wedding favours.

Have a look at our website and if you’re looking for a contemporary but traditional candy buffet we would love to make your occasion special with an original Miss Lolly’s Candy Cart designed to suit the theme of your event.

We are available in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ballarat and always on the look out for potential Miss Lolly’s franchisees throughout Australia.

Let there be love, laughter and lollies.

Miss Lolly

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