Eat like an Egyptian?!

Eat like an Egyptian?!

Hi everybody out there in candy land!

For many, this time of year signals the beginning of cold and flu season. This usually means reaching for some foul tasting, chemical concoction to ease the pain of the insufferable sore throat. However, those fortunate enough to have been born in Northern Africa around 3150 BC, would know that the only thing to really ease the pain is a tasty marshmallow marvel.

Original marshmallow was first thought to be used as a medicinal confectionary in Ancient Egypt.  The Mallow plant (or Althaea Officinalis for all you green fingered/ Latin speaking types) is found near marshes (hence the name) and the roots mixed with honey to create a magical medicine.  The resourceful Egyptians had a few other marshmallow recipes; boiling the pith in sugar or mixing the sap with honey and nuts.  It was used as a miracle cure for many centuries with the Greeks and Romans also known to have been advocates of its healing powers.  The Egyptians are often credited as one of the most advanced civilisations in our history, and it’s fairly obvious to me what their most important historical influence is :)

Our friends in France, many moons later in the 19th century, started whipping it up to resemble the fluffy sweets we enjoy today.  Originally using the same plant as the Egyptians but then progressing to using egg whites and gelatine as a more obtainable substitute.

Nowadays cornstarch and sugar are generally the main ingredients of this soft chewy candy mainstay, but its past is steeped in history and can still be made in the traditional way if you can get your hands on a mallow plant.

Next time you’re camping in the bush, telling ghost stories and toasting one of these pillowy sweets think about its remarkable evolution through over 2000 years to what we know and love today.

Miss Lolly’s offers the modern variety of marshmallow treats along with other sugary delights with all of our lolly buffet packages, and you won’t need to whip up any plant sap to try them!

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Let there be love, laughter and candy.

Miss Lolly



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